SLK Services Inc.

Helping business owners  focus on their overall business growth. 

About The Owner & Business 

Who I Am...

Shavonne Kennard, Virtual Assistant

In 2008, I initially launched SLK Services to provide customer service and sales to Fortune 100 and 500 companies via a third-party company. In 2013, I revised my business model where I added the ability to help smaller business owners. This year 2019, I  added to that vision and currently fully reconstructing my business to not only help business owners but also moms who have a desire to work virtually.

I have 10 + years in sales and customer service. I have 6 years of experience in telemarketing,  insurance sales, and several years experience in administrative and customer service support.
I currently hold both a Masters and Bachelors in Business Administration. If you're wondering why I take this route in my career, I personally realized I could be more valuable to not only my family but also my community. In 2015, I developed a strong desire to not only build my own business but to also help moms who may be struggling to raise their children, work, and bring in a consistent income. As a mom myself, I personally realize the struggle to balance between career and household. Working from home to provide virtual service has gives me the flexibility needed to take care of my little guy.

About The Company

SLK Services Inc. was established in 2008, as an inbound virtual call center.  In 2013 to 2016,  outbound telemarketing, data entry, and a few other services were added to provide to small business owners. In 2016, I started reaching out to other moms like myself who had a desire to work from home or needed extra income.  The project of working with moms successful on a  smaller scale, I was able to help a few moms start their journey. My goal this time around is to help moms on a larger scale. 

Anyone hired under the  business is required complete a background check and drug testing due to the nature of information shared. You can assure your information will not be shared or sold to a third-party